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Miss Grand USA, also referred to as Miss Grand United States or Miss Grand United States of America Miss Grand America, is an annual female beauty pageant in the United States aims to select the country representative for Miss Grand International which is an annual international beauty pageant promoting World Peace and against all kinds of conflicts.

The Miss Grand USA organization has been franchising the state competitions to individual organizers since 2016, in which some cases are responsible for more than one state. Each U.S. state must choose a candidate who competes at the national Miss Grand USA pageant. However, delegates may be appointed state or regional titles if a state pageant is not offered in their area.


The United States holds a record of 4 placements at Miss Grand International; the highest position was first place, won in 2020 by Abena Appiah of California, followed by the fourth runner-up by Michelle León in 2016. The current Miss Grand USA is Emily DeMure of Colorado, who represented the United States at Miss Grand International 2022

For information on how to participate please visit

Miss Grand USA 2022 - Emily Demure


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